Concerned About Your Lighting Costs?


In today’s economy, energy conservation has become a hot topic for debate. Mindful consumers like yourself, are trying to find quick and easy ways to reduce your energy consumption. We see this further through the development of energy efficient appliances, cars, and homes.

LinkUs is the leader in unique lighting control systems. Each of our lighting systems individual dimmers set at their highest setting save 4-9% in electricity compared to a traditional switch. Lighting automation can save up to 9.2 kWh per year through the use of dimmers, which is equivalent to 1 large coal or nuclear power plant’s yearly output. These dimmers also use less wattage per use which naturally extends the life of your bulbs so you spend less on replacements each year!

All of our automated systems can help reduce your lighting consumption. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of turning off and on lights; daylight and occupancy sensors will do it for you. Working seamlessly with natural sunlight, our personalized systems provide each of your rooms with adequate lighting while saving you money in energy costs.

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