Experience the Ultimate Movie Night – Outdoors!

Experience the Ultimate Movie Night – Outdoors!

Warmer weather, longer days, and evenings spent outdoors are all part of what we enjoy most about the start of summer. If you’ve spent the last few weeks wrapping up end of year school activities, and are looking ahead to the rest of your summer we’ve got a great idea for your summer nights – OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT!

Location, location, location! Your screen location should be your starting point. There are a variety of options available when it comes to a screen. Depending on your outdoor space, there are several sizes and materials to choose from. Many set up quickly and are very affordable! Your ideal screen location will be one where you can control the lighting at night(no pesky streetlights that might cause a glare!)

Necessary Equipment: Now that you’ve got a plan for your screen, you’ll need something to play the movie (like a Blu-Ray player or laptop), a projector, and a sound system to complete your set up. If your eyes just crossed, don’t let that list scare you! It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you’re in the market to purchase a Blu-Ray player, projector, or sound system, we’re just a phone call away. Did your Google search for “outdoor screens” make your head spin? We’ve got you covered there too! We’ll make quick work of designing an outdoor solution that will make your summer movie nights the biggest hit in town. You might get too many RSVP’s!


Now that you’ve got the basics squared away – here are a few more tips:

Classic or Contemporary? Consider your guest list and theme.
Is it a couples date night, or an end of school kids slumber party?
Retro is in, so many movies popular from your teen years are making a comeback! The options are endless – we’re thinking Sunday Summer Movie Nights might be your new thing.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow) No need to buy fancy outdoor seating – blankets or pillows on the ground can be the perfect option for a movie night, or ask guests to bring their favorite blanket or pillow to have an eclectic, relaxed theme!

No Bug Zone: Consider spraying grass and/or seating before your guests arrive and have plenty of bug spray for guests. Non-scented options will ensure everyone enjoys the movie and each other’s company instead of uninvited guests stealing the show!

Light Up the Night: Consider some mood lighting! Depending on your guests and the movie you chose, think about some candles placed throughout your space, or a younger crowd might enjoy glowsticks at each seat.

Ready to start planning your next movie night? Call 1-888-8-LINKUS (1-888-854-6587) to speak with one our systems designers to create the perfect outdoor theater that will keep you and your family entertained all summer. You might just give your local movie theater a run for its money – who’s making the popcorn?

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