Residential Gallery

LinkUs offers the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience by simplifying all the technology in your home.

Patio - Enjoy a wonderful sunny day outside by the pool or on the patio with music playing through your automated speakers.
Miscellaneous - No matter what your dream room is, LinkUs is here to provide you with all the newest automated technology to make your dream come true.
Bedroom-Bathroom - Set the mood with dimmers and shades in the bed or bathroom, and stay up with the game or favorite show by having a TV […]
Kitchen-Dining - Automated dimmers and shades can transform any kitchen or dining room into a five star restaurant.
Living Rooms - Sit comfortably on your couch and enjoy yourself, while your fully automated living room does the rest.
Home Theater - Custom home theater, audio, video and residential electronic systems that simplify your life.
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