Just as the End of Analog Draws Even Nearer, LinkUs Delivers a Trade-In Offer

LinkUs Enterprises, a technology integration provider, is now offering a generous trade-in program for older Crestron analog equipment to help customers better afford to upgrade to digital signal. The Digital Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 mandated the end of full-power broadcasting of analog TV by February 2009. A later federal act extended the mandatory cutoff, but the message remains clear: the end of analog is near.

As consumer expectations for their audio visual systems have increased over the past decade, older analog systems have finally reached their most defining limitations. Crestron’s new DigitalMedia distributes all analog and digital signals over long distances using a single CATe cable. For consumers, that means it’s immediately possible to upgrade their older analog systems, but also use most of their existing cables.

Consumers have come to expect there will be upgrade costs when it’s time to upgrade older systems, but this is where LinkUs offers a solution. Consumers can call to schedule a certified LinkUs design expert to complete a free design consultation in their home, office, school, or any other facility currently stuck in the dark ages of analog.

Working with LinkUs, a highly recognized, award-winning technology integration provider means that consumers have access to a digital technology that has been tested over time and has easily met demand. Turn your old analog equipment into a high-quality, trusted digital video signal and step out of the dark ages and into the light.