Losing Your Favorite Channels?

losing-fav-channelsLosing Your Favorite Channels?
LinkUs Can Fix That!

Are You Going Without Your Favorite Channels?

DirecTV said its customers were left without Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and 14 other channels on Wednesday after Viacom Inc demanded its networks be dropped from the satellite TV distributor’s lineup as a result of a dispute over fees.

DirecTV said its executives approached Viacom with a new proposal and a request to continue broadcasting the channels during talks, but received no response.

The standoff is the latest conflict between media companies and cable and satellite TV providers over the cost of content. These providers pay a fee to media companies that allows them to carry channels such as MTV. Buying television programs is the single biggest cost for distributors and in recent years they have taken a harder line against what they view as unreasonable “carriage fee” increases by content producers like Viacom.

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