Audio and Video Systems

LinkUs provides custom, high-end audiovisual systems, integration services and solutions. We have been the trusted audio/video source for discerning clients for over 15 years. While technology constantly changes, our goal remains the same: simplify whole house or business integration and provide the best customer service imaginable.

LinkUs designs audio/video and surround sound systems to be an integral part of your home or business environment, as easy and convenient to use as a light switch. Traditional music sources – such as CD and radio – can be easily accessed and operated throughout the building, while hard-disk storage systems, LAN-based servers, and future on-demand music and video content and Internet services can be easily added.

Accessing video throughout the home or business is also important – whether from broadcast or cable TV, satellite, DVD, VCR, or on-demand services yet to come. LinkUs ensures that the proper infrastructure is in place for you to reap the full benefits of today’s options while preparing you for future technological advances.

LinkUs focuses on designing, installing and maintaining integrated audio, video and control facilities for a wide variety of environments including residences, restaurants, classrooms, office buildings, conference rooms, training facilities, auditoriums and more.

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