Q: What is home automation?
A: A home automation system allows you to control home utilities such as heating, cooling, electricity, and even video and audio systems from a single control panel. Specifically, most systems allow you to control your home’s systems via touchscreen, remote, or from your computer or smartphone.

Q: What are the main benefits of home automation?
A: Primarily, home automation offers convenience and control. Rather than fumbling in the dark for a glass of water or light switch after waking up in the middle of the night, you can access every light in your home from any room. Regarding control, you can instantly lower the volume on video, audio, and lighting systems to set the right mood for any event.

Q: What sorts of environmental and organization perks does home automation offer?
A: LinkUs can install your home automation systems so that messy components like cables and wiring are hidden, no longer able to distract you and pose fire hazards. As far as environmental concerns, the company promotes environmentally friendly lighting and electrical systems.

Ever wanted to control your audio, video, lighting, heating, cooling and security all at once from a touch of one button? Well now you can. LinkUs will provide you with an easy to use system in order for you to control everything at once. Control with either with a touchscreen/remote from your home or remotely from your phone or computer.

Imagine if you could experience breathtaking home cinema DVD movies, listen to your whole music collection, watch your favorite TV programs or just listen to the radio with a touch of a button and all from speakers that are so discrete your guests won’t even know where they are?

Think of the convenience of easily controlling every light in your home, from every room. Not just switching on and off, but total control, so that your lights will slowly dim to create scenes to suit every mood.

Distributed audio and video systems with integrated environmentally friendly lighting and electrical control. No more clutter, cables or dust. Centrally locate and take control of all of your entertainment systems, view, listen and take control of TVs, DVD players, music servers, security cameras, lighting, gates etc. from any room in your home or business.

LinkUs can offer tailored solutions to any of your automation needs. From digital storage management of your entire music and movie collections to high definition video throughout coupled with access to your home or business from any location in the world.

You can take control by utilizing video touch screens, ultra mobile pc’s, cellular phones, and conventional keypads or via wireless or infra red remote control.

Systems are available to suit any requirement, any environment, and any budget for residential or commercial.

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