Central Vacuum

The vacuum has always been that heavy noisy machine you lug around while you clean, only picking up 75% of the dust on the floor. We understand the types of frustrations that this can bring. So working with leading companies in the vacuum arena, such as Dirt Devil, we offer you this quality solution to traditional vacuum woes.

What you can expect from a central vacuum system:

Healthier Living- The in-wall tubing insures that 100% of the dust, dirt, and allergens that accumulate on your floors and furniture gets removed from the house. This gives you allergy prone sufferers the relief of having no dust or allergen particles re-circulate into the air inside the house.

Powerful Yet Quiet- The high-performance motors we use for our systems can be up to 5 times more powerful than traditional vacuums, while humming as quiet as a clothes dryer or hair dryer.

Convenience of Install and Use- The non-intrusive tubing can be installed during construction or added to an existing home without structural modifications done to the home. Most installs can be completed in less than a day! As for use, you no longer have to lug a heavy vacuum around the house, simply connect the hose to the nearest inlet valve and you are ready to go.

Investment- A vacuum’s value diminishes the minute you pull it out of the box. So the big financial benefit you gain from this system is the added value of your homes retail value goes up. Think of it as the same added value of when you have your home Pre-Wired or get a pool installed.

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