Tech Tip #10: Think About Your Speaker Layout Before Buying

speakersPreparing the Perfect Sound System

Whether you are planning to invest in a brand new home entertainment system, or add on to one you already have, it is very important to pay attention to the layout of the speakers within your room. Although they may be top of the line, placing your surround sound speakers in less than ideal positions will significantly reduce their performance. By taking into account your room’s layout before speaker purchases, you can be sure to set yourself up for a successful home theater experience.

Even within the smallest of rooms, there can be thousands of different combinations for speaker placement. Without prior knowledge of sonic characteristics and the acoustics of your room it can be difficult to find the “perfect” arrangement of your new system. That is exactly why we’ve come up with a few tips to help ease the stress.

Set up your channel speaker first

The channel speaker can easily be defined as the anchor of any theater system. When properly centered below or above your television the channel speaker can project the dialog of your favorite show with perfection. It is also important to remember to place it about the same distance away from your listening position as your left and right speakers.

Position your front left and right speakers at ear level

Your front left and right speakers are responsible for all of the soundtracks of your favorite movie and music. Making sure they are at a slight angle from the sides of your television set, and at ear level from your seated position will provide the best sound quality. Just a few inches the wrong direction will make a dramatic difference in your sound quality. As everyone’s hearing is slightly different, experiment a little with the placement. Use your best judgment, wherever the front speakers sound the best are where they need to stay.

Consult your manual about proper placement of your back and side surround sound speakers.

Usually, your primary pair of side speakers should be placed directly to the right and left of your listening position. However, this does not always work for every room and every system. Rely on your manual for helpful tips on your specific system. Again, experimentation is very vital.

Place your subwoofer in a corner for more bass

Try to find that “sweet spot” for your subwoofer. Placing it near a back wall will amplify the sound, but might overpower a smaller room. Play some of your favorite music on your system and then move the subwoofer as you see fit. Make sure to tune it after you have found its resting position.

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