Tech Tip #13: Strategic TV Placement

televisionThe television is arguably the most important piece of our home entertainment system.

Acting as the main stage, our big screens provide a backdrop for family and friends to gather and cheer on their favorite team, cuddle up together on movie night, or challenge each other to the newest videogame. As a device we use almost daily, it is essential to keep our television working at its fullest potential. But just as furniture location can improve our home’s Feng Shui; our entertainment equipment must be thoughtfully purchased and strategically placed to work at maximum efficiency.

At LinkUs we understand that not everyone may be fully up-to-date on all the home audio and visual design secrets. That is why we have constructed the following quick cheat sheet for creating a better television viewing experience.

Do your research before hitting the store:

The expression “bigger is better” is fairly valid when shopping within the flat screen television world. You never want to be at home wishing you had brought home something different if you had the means to do so. However, make sure you always take into account your budget, viewing distance from the television, and living room size before taking the leap.

Not sure about the whole “screen size to viewing distance ratio” stuff?

HDTVs are really the new “hip” grandchildren of the analog television. With the great advancements in technology in the past few years, it is now possible to sit a lot closer to the screen without being bombarded with a grid of blurry pixels. This does not give you permission to set up an 80? display three feet away from your bed however. It is important to remember that the perfect distance between your seating and your screen can make all the difference in picture quality.

Here’s a quick guide to the perfect viewing distances:

Evaluate your options for room placement:

A television usually has a predestined spot within a room near an exposed cable wire. Unfortunately in most instances, this is where home owners find that they have little choice but to place the entertainment center within this vicinity.

However, for those who are in the process of building or remodeling a home, adequate wire planning during the construction process can alleviate this pressure. If you are planning on investing in a large home entertainment center, touch panel automation or alarm system, it is important to remember that it is far less complicated to pre-wire, than to deal with the hassle of dangling wire through the living room after the home is completed. By making this decision early in the home-development process, you can have a little more time to think about the most efficient television placement. This will also easily add substantial value to your home.

Find the perfect entertainment center:

Finally, we must insist that proper care be placed on selecting a perfect entertainment system for your investments. An entertainment center that complements a television’s size can really make all the difference in improving a viewing experience.

For a smaller television, an enclosed piece of furniture would provide concealed storage when not in use and will help the viewer focus on the television. A big television would be better accommodated by either a built in entertainment center to complement the size or a television stand for visual symmetry.

An important, but often overlooked, factor when choosing a new entertainment system is the angle of a person’s head while watching TV. The combined height of the entertainment stand and the TV should be at eye level from a seated position. Too high and you get a sore neck from craning it up, too low and you get a distorted view.

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